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          沈陽埃弗頓電子有限公司是一家專業致力于電子應用技術的高新技術企業。公司承“誠信 領先 創新 合作”的立事之本,在計算機系統集成、UPS電源、EPS電源、等領域業績斐然。

             目前代理的主要電子產品有:高德UPS 加拿大山頓 美國山特、美國APC系列等。多年來依托雄厚的技術力量和業內服務的豐富經驗,承接各種電源工程。沈陽埃弗頓電子有限公司依托優質的服務和高品質的產品,業務范圍日益擴大,目前已覆蓋政府機關.金融、證券、醫療衛生、大專院校、交通、公安、通信、稅務等諸多行業。好的信譽和優質的服務是公司賴以生存的根本,也是公司發展的動力。

            公司全體員工時時以此為準則,急用戶所急,想用戶所想,用戶滿意是我們埃弗頓人最大的快樂。 回首往事,我們問心無愧;面向未來,我們信心百倍。埃弗頓人將不斷開拓進取,真誠的為廣大客戶提供優質的產品、良好的技術支持和服務。

            Shenyang Everton Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to electronic applications. The company adheres to the development foundation of “integrity, leading, innovation and cooperation”, with impressive achievement in computer system integration, UPS power supply, EPS power supply, surge protective devices, electromechanical integration, monitoring equipment, industrial control and other areas.

            Relying on strong technical force and extensive experience in the industry, the company has undertaken various power supply projects. Relying on its high quality service and products, Shenyang Everton Electronics Co., Ltd. has increasingly expanded its business which now covers government agencies, finance, securities, health care, universities, transportation, public security, communications, taxation and many other industries. Good reputation and high quality service is not only the foundation of the company's survival, but also the driving force of the company’s development. The company staff always take this as a criterion, keen on meeting the needs of the customers; customer satisfaction is the greatest joy of Everton staff. Looking back, we have a clear conscience; for the future,

            we are full of confidence. Everton will continue to forge ahead and provide the clients with quality products, excellent technical support and services.